About Me

Susan has a passion for life, is fortunate to live her dream and makes a difference through her motivational talks, workshops, weekend seminars, coaching, facilitation and training.

Susan delivers corporate training in Africa and Europe since 2006.  The focus of the training is on ‘Leadership from Within’, Personal Development, Advanced Facilitation and Project Management and includes countries like South Africa, Netherlands, France, Norway, UK, Ireland, Italy, Romania, Germany and Singapore.   ‘Leadership from Within’ 

With a degree in Business Management combined with several years working for one of the world’s largest enterprise IT companies, one of the big 5 financial institutions as well as one of the biggest international mining groups , Susan has built a wealth of experience in managing and consulting in complex change projects.  Personal development is a priority for Susan and she invests in attending international conferences, personal coaching, international accredited training and self-development.

Susan’s excellent facilitation skills have proved invaluable to a range of clients working in a global context and she played a leading role in facilitating the African Green Revolution conference in Oslo in 2008. She enjoys using her strength to facilitate management and leadership teams to identify and achieve their objectives and goals.  Her qualifications include being a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and an Associated Certified Meta-Coach (ACMC).  Susan is also a member of the International Society of Neuro-Semantics.

Susan is enthusiastic about ‘giving back’ and lives that out through motivational talks, breakfast briefings, woman conferences and also fundraising events.  She offers regular workshops on how to ‘live your dream’, ‘stress management’, ‘weekend seminars for women’ and in 2013 the first ‘weekend seminar for couples’ are launched.

Susan is passionate to enable every individual that she works with, to achieve their highest potential by being hard on the issue, and soft on the person.  She does not shirk difficult discussions, she is professional and results focused, yet she does that with a respect for others that is rarely seen in corporate life. She focuses on Executive and Transformation Coaching.  She is outstanding in building self confidence in others, improving human interaction, leadership and communication skills and the ability to handle stress.  Her goal is to facilitate her clients to identify their dreams, to empower them to overcome any possible obstacle by changing limiting beliefs and creating an action plan to become all of who they were created to be.

Susan is motivated by a deep belief in doing the right thing. Honesty, loyalty, integrity, flexibility and reliability together with quality relationships are the foundation of all her interactions with clients.

Susan is married to Carlo and they are blessed with 2 young adult boys that are capable of functioning 100% independently, which allows her to travel the world to fulfill her duties and live her dream.